Reyes Foolish Not to Try Free Agency

Reyes Foolish Not to Try Free Agency

You cannot blame another agent for wanting to represent Jose Reyes. If your job is negotiating contracts for baseball players, Reyes is a dream client. He is 28, plays a premium position and is so far having the best season of a very good career.

So although it was refreshing to hear that Reyes expressed loyalty to his longtime agent, Peter Greenberg, on Saturday, the truth is that his case is not complicated. Reyes has every reason to explore free agency this winter and find his value on the open market.

That prospect should not scare the Mets. They are familiar with paying top dollar to lure a free agent to Flushing. In the heady days of the mid-2000s, the Mets made the best offer to Pedro Martinez of the Boston Red Sox and Carlos Beltran of the Houston Astros, and signed both. The owner, Fred Wilpon, approved those deals.

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