Jeremy Tyler's Rise Is What's Wrong With NBA

Jeremy Tyler's Rise Is What's Wrong With NBA

I’d like to think former San Diego High School standout/Maccabi Haifa flame out Jeremy Tyler’s unexpected rise up the draft charts is really the product of NBA front offices trying to trick each other into drafting the next Kwame Brown. Like everyone is saying how talented he is and how mature he seems just to trick some poor team into drafting him and wasting the pick.

I’d like to think that. But this is the NBA we’re talking about.

We’ve been writing on and off about Tyler pretty much since he opted to skip his senior year of high school to play professionally in Israel. Tyler’s stint with Maccabi Haifa was a complete disaster for a variety of reasons, though his second professional season in Tokyo, Japan (with the anachronistically-named Tokyo Apache) went a bit better. Tyler averaged 10 points and six rebounds before the league’s season was cut short because of the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year.

We also focused much of our ire not on Tyler, but on former shoe salesman/basketball vampire Sonny Vaccaro, who played the key role in getting the young big man to skip his senior year back in 2009. Vaccaro is a leach who has spent a lifetime harming young people under the guise of trying to “help them” by convincing them to play professionally. Sebastian Telfair, Tyler and a host of others know what I mean.

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