Which Luongo Will Canucks Get?

Which Luongo Will Canucks Get?

Of all the mistakes Roberto Luongo has made this series, and there's been several, the ones which ruined Game 6 were the biggest. But the oddest one remains him saying last week a goal scored on Tim Thomas would have been an easy save for him.

He should know better. Really, everyone should. Nothing comes easy for Luongo. Ever.

He was drafted by the Islanders, and buried in Florida. He's spent much of his early career on terrible teams and didn't play a playoff game until he was 28. It probably doesn't help, he's moody, sensitive, endlessly passionate, a tireless worker and continually misunderstood.

He's cut few breaks and that's probably because he's wildly inconsistent, prone to disaster, but also capable of stunning bounce back games. Add it all up and you have a rather unique combination. He is the Forrest Gump of hockey because you never know what you're going to get.

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