End Is Near for T-Wolves' Rambis

End Is Near for T-Wolves' Rambis

The great Kurt Rambis experiment will reach its logical conclusion fairly soon. And Kurt will go the way of the McLean burger, Sony Betamax and Clairol's Touch of Yogurt Shampoo.

There is a public perception that Glen Taylor, David Kahn and the rest of the Wolves' powers that be are hanging upside down in a closet somewhere, most likely wrapped in cocoons. But now that the NBA Finals are over they should be emerging right about now, ready to rock and roll.

We know that Rambis and Kahn do have "the big meeting" scheduled. I'd expect the guillotine to come down then, but gently and accompanied by a series of accolades not heard in these parts since Kahn fired Kevin McHale. That's probably one of the reasons it's taken him so long. By nature, Kahn hates firing people. The McHale thing really pained him, and on the day he let him go Kahn's eulogy was reminiscent of the ones given to any number of dead presidents.

But the fact remains that Rambis did not do a good job. Furthermore, I have never seen a more unenthusiastic coach. He looked like a parent roped into T-ball duty while the regular coach was on vacation. Rambis appeared to be totally and completely miserable and about as upbeat as a funeral procession. After a while, that can't help but rub off on the Wolves players, who have enough problems of their own.

Also, Rambis probably didn't do himself any favors when he publicly squawked a couple of weeks ago about not knowing his status.

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