Anatomy of a 1st-Round Stanley Cup Playoffs Upset

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More than any other sport, hockey is prone to having a few top-seeded teams get upset in the playoffs. True to form, a couple first round games went the way of the underdogs last night, a major first step in their quests to take down their respective Goliaths.

Teams that move past "superior" foes always seem to end up looking fairly similar, and that makes sense -- to pull off a successful upset, there's a certain recipe that needs to be followed.

The top dogs are inevitably going to have the puck more, and as the "lesser" team, you have to be okay with that. Simply having the puck equates to actual goals the same way dribbling a basketball equates to actually dunking it -- it takes a few more steps to make that happen.

So let them dribble all they want. You just...

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