Celtics Warming to Newcomers

Celtics Warming to Newcomers

The Celtics [team stats] took off into a bright blue sky yesterday morning in Salt Lake City. Figuratively as well as literally.

Having watched Nenad Krstic go for 10 points in the first quarter against the Jazz (including an alley-oop dunk and a nice tip-in) and Jeff Green easily post any small forward who dared challenge him, they came back with a better outlook on last Thursday’s trade and the future in general.

“I’m definitely looking at the upside,” said Paul Pierce [stats] of the deal that cost the Celts Kendrick Perkins [stats] and Nate Robinson. “It’s definitely going to make us a more versatile team offensively. You know, at times we go into offensive droughts — which we shouldn’t — but I think these are really going to help us in that department because of the way Krstic spreads the floor and Green is such a matchup problem. He’s a lot quicker than 4’s, and when he’s out there with me, the 2-guard has to guard one of us, so one of us is going to have a post-up.

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