Whitehurst in Bad Spot Vs. Giants

Whitehurst in Bad Spot Vs. Giants

We can be sure there are valid medical reasons for Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to be held out of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants; nobody wants to see him aggravate his concussion.

Just as certainly, the Seahawks’ staff is intent on winning every time the team plays; and that Hasselbeck, as a hyper-competitive player, wants to be out there on the field.

Still, not pushing Hasselbeck back into action too soon seems a matter of shrewd discretion as well as prudent medical caution. The Seahawks will let backup Charlie Whitehurst take the snaps – and the hits – this week.

The Giants’ destructive defense has knocked five quarterbacks out of games this season. They’ve recorded 24 sacks. Coming out of an Oakland game in which he was sacked eight times and knocked loopy, Hasselbeck does not need to be subjected to the Giants.

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