What Rangers Need to Do to Return

What Rangers Need to Do to Return

On a scale of oh-my-kill-me-now pain to my-face-is-still-tingling-from-happy euphoria, this Rangers season traveled well beyond tingly.

I know, I know, they did not win the World Series.

They did barely hit in said World Series. Forget win.

Ask yourself this: What did you say upon hearing Rangers president Nolan Ryan predict 92 victories before spring training? And be honest, no revisionist history.

"I raised a few eyebrows. A lot of folks were wondering how I came up with that number," Nolan said Wednesday. "A lot of time, if I think something and believe something, I'll say it. And I believed this."

Now imagine he had said 90 Ws, win first playoff game at The Ballpark, win first playoff series ever, win ALCS by beating the Yankees, reach first World Series in the 50-year franchise history, win a World Series game and do all of this despite projected No. 1 and 2 starters flaming out, spending half the season in bankruptcy court and having a very tiny payroll?

Every single Rangers fan takes that season.

Every. Single. Time.

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