SF Giants a Cast of Loveable Knuckleheads

SF Giants a Cast of Loveable Knuckleheads

Juan Uribe had a running joke with a couple of reporters toward the end of the regular season. The Giants were in Chicago, where Uribe helped the White Sox win the 2005 World Series, and he said, "This is my town."

The next stop was Denver, where the 10-year veteran infielder began his big-league career. He walked by the same reporters and repeated, "This is my town."

Now, San Francisco is Uribe's town. After hitting the home run Saturday night that propelled the Giants to the World Series, he could run for mayor and win.

The voters would be electing a knucklehead, and that is no insult. If the word could be translated properly into Spanish, Uribe would smile and agree wholeheartedly, because he works in a room full of knuckleheads:

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