Eagles' Reid Antithesis of Singletary

Eagles' Reid Antithesis of Singletary

If he beats the Philadelphia Eagles tonight, Mike Singletary still could go almost anywhere and achieve almost anything with the 49ers.

Even at this strange and unsteady point in his strange and unsteady coaching career, if Singletary wins tonight, his tenure remains salvageable.

On the brink, needing help, but still salvageable.

If his 49ers win tonight, and they should, there's still (some) power in his vision and (traces of) promise in his presence.

If he wins. He has to win -- 1-4 in the weak NFC West is not an impossible deficit, but 0-5 in any league at any time is past the tipping point to a shipwreck.

And that's the essential Singletary/49ers quandary, isn't it?


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