Despite Loss, Score Vindicates Pavin as Captain

Despite Loss, Score Vindicates Pavin as Captain

The U.S. Ryder Cup team came to life on Monday. Somebody please wake up Corey Pavin and congratulate him.

It wasn't altogether obvious the U.S. captain was with us the past few days. Pavin was so robotic, you'd have thought he was eating Ambien and chips for breakfast every morning.

That made him the perfect fall guy Monday, when the Yanks were supposed to get mud kicked in their face. A funny thing happened on the way to utter humiliation. They almost staged the greatest Ryder Cup comeback of the millennium.

So now how do we feel about Captain Corey?

As the English say, the guy did a lovely job. It's hard to admit because Pavin has been so churlish and boring that I almost wanted his team to get stomped.

That would have made it easy to call Pavin the worst captain since Edward Smith, who guided the Titanic into that iceberg. But it seems there was a method to his robotic madness.

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