Rain Gear, Pavin Fail to Do Their Jobs

Rain Gear, Pavin Fail to Do Their Jobs

Golf has a lot of silly rules, but there are two that nobody can argue with.

1) The Ryder Cup shouldn't turn into a "Seinfeld" episode.

2) The U.S. team shouldn't have to borrow rain gear from a sportswriter.

The first happened Friday and the second still might thanks to Corey Pavin. One of the captain's duties is choosing the team's attire. Pavin apparently thought he was in charge of the U.S. scuba diving team.

The boys showed up in rain gear that was literally all wet. After an hour in the Welsh monsoon, the U.S. team was sinking fast.

Then it got the biggest break in Ryder Cup weather history. Play was suspended, which allowed PGA officials to scurry over to the merchandise tent.

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