Sherman Not Right Coach for Texas A&M

Sherman Not Right Coach for Texas A&M

Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman spent most of the second half Thursday night pacing back-and-forth on the sideline.

As he did, the third-year Aggies coach stared at an oversized, laminated play card as if he were looking for answers to his team’s second-half meltdown. The Aggies lost 38-35 to sloppy Oklahoma State on a final-play, 40-yard field goal.

If the former Green Bay Packers coach wants an answer, here's one: He’s just not the right coach for Texas A&M.

Granted, Thursday night was the first loss this season for Texas A&M (3-1), but this is not a knee-jerk reaction to an unacceptable defeat. After all, the likeable Sherman is just 13-16 in his two-plus seasons with the Aggies.

But this loss was perhaps as perplexing as any that Sherman has had at A&M. His team led 21-7 at halftime, allowed 28 consecutive points to open the second half, then rallied from a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter to tie the game. But fifth-year senior quarterback Jerrod Johnson then threw the last of his four interceptions, setting up Oklahoma State’s game-winning field goal.

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