49ers' Issues Start With Singletary

49ers' Issues Start With Singletary

Mike Singletary sounded just like any other lost coach, grasping for answers to questions he had never before contemplated.

(And it showed. All day: It showed.)

In his news conference 20 minutes after the 49ers' weak 31-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs here Sunday, there was no Singletary thunder. No declarations. No heartfelt promises or podium-thumping pronouncements.

Just the 49ers coach, clearly at a loss after another devastating loss, looking defeated, deflated and tangibly diminished.

How did this happen?

"I don't know," Singletary said. "I mean, it could be a number of things."

Starting with the coaching. That's where you have to start. That's where it always starts.

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