Game Critical for Singletary, Not 49ers

Game Critical for Singletary, Not 49ers

Do not believe the hype. Tonight is not a make-or-break game for the 49ers. They do not have to beat the New Orleans Saints to reach the playoffs. Starting the season 0-2 is not fatal. Dallas and Minnesota both have 0-2 records. Anyone think they're toast?

Tonight, however, could be a make-or-break game for Mike Singletary. His team, win or lose, must play viciously and play smart. The 49ers cannot lay a stink bomb and make Candlestick Park's concourses smell worse than they already do.

And if that stink happens, after all of the emotional capital spent by their head coach this past week? Well, then something is definitely wrong at the Bank of Singletary. And he will have an nearly impossible time convincing anyone that he can ever get the balance sheet back in order.


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