Storm's Struggles Make Title Sweeter

Storm's Struggles Make Title Sweeter

This is a tale of dominance. And of struggle. Because you can't savor every sweet flavor of this triumph without acknowledging the sour now buried beneath it. The contrast only makes it more remarkable, more astounding, more delectable.

The Storm, the runaway best team in the WNBA this season, didn't just win a championship Thursday night. They crumpled up all that old pain, hurled it high into the air, and perhaps it'll descend in Seattle looking like confetti for the parade.

The Storm, the only team in WNBA history to sweep through seven playoff games en route to a title, thrived because of a kind of toughness developed over the six years since hoisting its first trophy. This isn't some random, star-aligned feat. It's the culmination of lessons learned, disappointments outlasted and strategies redefined.

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