Singletary, 49ers Already in Damage Control Mode

Singletary, 49ers Already in Damage Control Mode

Right, let's review. In a relatively short period of time, the 49ers have:


1. Watched their GM bolt the organization with virtually no explanation;
2. Gone from an 8-8 mediocrity last season to out-and-out favorite to win the NFC West, without the benefit of actually having played another game;
3. Had a second-year running back walk out of camp and retire on the spot;
4. Seen arguably their top two receivers engage in a shouting match so out of control that they had to be removed from the practice field and taken into the locker room for a cool-down session;
5. Traveled to Seattle and laid the biggest egg of opening weekend, a 31-6 loss to the Seahawks;
6. Blamed the defeat on lousy communication all the way around, up to and including a postgame rant by coach Mike Singletary that was so unfocused he had to redeliver it to the team after its plane landed back in San Francisco.

Good thing this isn't the kind of situation in which anyone is inclined to panic early.

Oh, wait: This is the NFL.

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