Revising History Is College Football's Specialty

Revising History Is College Football's Specialty

I did something silly. I read the comments at the bottom of Comrade Dodd's item about the Football Writers Association of America taking back its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy from Southern California, and it occurred to me that college football fans would rather argue incessantly about a past they cannot change than just about anything else in life.

And that's why the FWAA decision is so palpably silly. It purports to change the past, which is always an idiot's game.

Did Reggie Bush and his friends work the system? Yes. Did USC know, and actually help him do it? Yes again. Is this the way of college football since about forever? Oh very yes indeed. Did the football writers help in any way? As far as we know, no.

So what's their mistake that demands correction? Voting on something based on what they knew at the time. Those hyenas! How could they not know something they could not know?

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