Palmeiro Downplays Steroid Use

Palmeiro Downplays Steroid Use

Wearing a light blue T-shirt and sunglasses, Rafael Palmeiro wanders up the aisle and takes a seat in the last row of Gabe Field on a humid Tuesday night.

Among the 50 or so fans, Palmeiro simply blends in. Nobody asks for an autograph. Nobody, quite frankly, seems to notice the former baseball star who became one of only four players in history with 500 home runs and 3,000 hits.

On this night, Palmeiro is simply another parent on hand to watch his son, Patrick, play a summer game with the McKinney Marshals of the Texas Collegiate League.

Yes, Palmeiro has escaped the public eye these past five years after his baseball career ended. It ended, of course, in the worst possible way for him, with a positive steroid test.

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