Can Shaq Be More Than a Joker for Celtics?

Can Shaq Be More Than a Joker for Celtics?

The ultimate question, of course, concerns whether Shaquille O’Neal can actually, you know, play. Shaq is old. Shaq is slow. And at this stage of his career, one must wonder, too, whether Shaq is truly motivated.

In the interim, the Celtics got a little more entertaining, which might not be bad thing for an organization that might be entering – dare we say it – a bridge year.

Or two.

So as O’Neal is introduced to Boston today during a press conference, remember a couple of things. First, O’Neal is costing the Celtics next to nothing. Second, the Celtics have an obvious need for a big man. If and when the Shaquille O’Neal experiment proves to be a failure – and it very well might – the Celtics can cut bait at no real cost, which means the team has virtually all of the leverage here.

What Shaq makes of this is entirely up to him.

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