Sonnen's Trash Talk Makes Fight a Must Watch

Sonnen's Trash Talk Makes Fight a Must Watch

Until he opened his mouth, Chael Sonnen was going to fight Anderson Silva without me. They were going to slug it out Saturday night for Silva's UFC middleweight championship, but they were going to do so without my $44.99. Shell out close to 50 bucks? For that fight? Not me. Not ever.

Until he opened his mouth.

And now I have to watch Sonnen fight Silva. Look at me here, writing about it in advance. That has never happened. There have been 48 UFC main shows since I showed up at UFC 68 in Columbus, Ohio, to rip the sport for its barbarism and instead fell in love with its beauty, but in all that time I've never written about a fight before it happened. It had never even occurred to me to write about one ahead of time.

Until Sonnen opened his mouth.

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