Tiger Tries to Find His Game at St. Andrews

Tiger Tries to Find His Game at St. Andrews

The moment of truth is at hand for Tiger Woods - at least in a golf sense.

He is at St. Andrews, where he says he would love to play all four majors every year. Indeed, he has made the home of golf his own. Twice he has conquered its moonscape while the rest of the field has been lost in space. He completed the career Grand Slam there in 2000. He vindicated his swing changes there in 2005. And now, at the 2010 British Open, he has the opportunity to regain the dominance that has been lost these past several months.

Unfortunately for Sir Eldrick, this week's venue is the only perfect part of his currently upturned world. The pitfalls are as numerous as the 112 bunkers he managed to avoid when he won by eight shots 10 years ago. The challenges are as vast as the fairways he kept finding when he dusted Colin Montgomerie by five shots five years ago.


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