With Celtics Pedigree, It Was a Matter of Time

With Celtics Pedigree, It Was a Matter of Time

Dwyane Wade will be huddling with his divorce lawyers. LeBron James will be preparing for The Great Recruiting Tour. And Dwight Howard will be sharpening his elbows. But if they get an idle moment or two, those three members of the All-NBA team will rendezvous in Hilton Head, or some such getaway, to watch the Boston Celtics play for the NBA championship.

It’s official. First, they crushed Wade’s overmatched Miami Heat. Next, they took care of the 61-win Cavaliers. And now they have disposed of the 59-win Magic. The Afterthought Celtics will be playing in the NBA Finals for the second time in three years and the 21st time overall.

And you were worried? C’mon. There’s a reason NBA teams are now 0-94 after falling behind, 3-0, in best-of-seven series and why only one of those 94, the 1951 Knicks, have even made it 3-3.

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