Howard Gets Physical, Gets Even With Celtics

Howard Gets Physical, Gets Even With Celtics

I could use this space to call Dwight Howard dirty. Sure I could. With a mixture of spastically flailing arms and technically pinpoint elbows, he laid to waste damn near half the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. He smashed Rajon Rondo to the floor twice. He bent Paul Pierce backward. He knocked Glen Davis out. Literally, with one well-placed elbow, Howard knocked the 6-foot-9, 290-pound Davis senseless.

Dirty? Yeah -- I could call Dwight Howard dirty.

But I won't do it. You ask me, Dwight Howard didn't get dirty in Game 5. He got even.

And now, the Magic are nearly the same. After beating Boston 113-92, they're almost even in the Eastern Conference finals, trailing Boston 3-2 -- but now, basically, leading Boston 2-3. Save your e-mails, people. I can do the math. Boston remains one victory away from advancing, while Orlando needs two wins. Mathematically speaking, Boston is still winning this series. Realistically speaking? After trailing 3-0, and with the Boston frontcourt decimated by Dwight Howard, Orlando is in the driver's seat.


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