Garnett Still Celtics MVP

Garnett Still Celtics MVP

Many fans believe that the torch has already been passed, that the Celtics have become Rajon Rondo's team more than anyone else's. 

But while Celtics captain Paul Pierce appreciates Rondo's growth, he's not quite ready to call him the team's most valuable player. He reserves that honor for Kevin Garnett. 

“Without Kevin,” Pierce said before the Celtics practiced yesterday at HealthPoint, “we can't win the championship. A lot of these other guys on this team are replaceable. I'm replaceable probably, Ray (Allen)'s probably replaceable, Rondo, but you can't replace Kevin. You see the difference. Last year we didn't have him to now in this playoff where we're having him. His intangibles, his smarts, the things he does on the court are irreplaceable for a guy his size.”

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