Wizards Hit the John Wall Jackpot

Wizards Hit the John Wall Jackpot

The best part was seeing Mrs. P's jaw almost hit the floor. In that surreal, "We won?" moment -- when the widow of the franchise patriarch realized her lonesome-luck Wizards had upset the universe by winning the first pick in the NBA draft lottery -- Irene Pollin no longer resembled an elegant, refined woman from a very influential and wealthy Washington family.

She was more Irene from Ypsilanti on the "The Price is Right," about to faint after wisely underbidding Madge from Scottsdale on the Maytag washer-dryer combo. All that was left was for Bob Barker to say the words she'd been waiting to hear her whole life:

"Irene, you've won the Showcase Showdown!"

Even better, Mrs. P: You won Kentucky's John Wall!

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