Lottery Will Alter Free-Agent Landscape

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The Free Agent Panic of 2010 officially started last Thursday, when the Celtics bounced LeBron James and his Cavaliers from the playoffs sooner than expected. As much of a shock as this brought on, though, it was nothing new. Most NBA fans have spent the last year or more churning over various Summer of 2010 scenarios. Cleveland's big fail certainly changed the tenor of this summer; inertia doesn't seem to be on the Cavs' side anymore. 

Strong as that sounds, it's still pure speculation, not that different from what had been going on for months already. From now till July, it would just be louder. Friday morning caught many people bemoaning the arrival of a truly tabloid-esque NBA news cycle, that might blot out even the Finals. But less than a week later, we'll...

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