The First 2010 NBA Mock Draft

The First 2010 NBA Mock Draft

Here it is - Ridiculous Upside's first stab at mocking the 2010 NBA draft. I hope you like it, but if you don't, we'll have these updated every Monday - and the lottery on May 18th will certainly (probably) bring more changes.

Please check out our Guide To Mock Drafts to answer any questions before any flambéing occurs. After the jump we provide brief analysis on all 30 picks, along with links to blogs about each team and player. Feel the excitement!

Also, if you have any issues, leave the feedback in the comments. If there are so many issues that you think you can make a better version, post it in the fan posts and, if we like it, it could make the front page. If there are enough people that use the fan posts for their mock, we'll probably have a contest - with prizes!

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