What Makes a True Draft Day Winner?

What Makes a True Draft Day Winner?

This weekend, SB Nation's Andrew Sharp attended the NFL Draft. For some sights and sounds from Thursday's spectacular First Round, click here. But beyond the show of it all, there's a science to the NFL Draft that too often goes overlooked. Regardless of each year's "draft grades," it seems like the same teams excel with the draft each year. And it's not a coincidence.

Apr 26, 2010 - Really and truly, it's unlike any other spectacle in sports.

Just imagine it all in your head. Start with a bunch of college kids becoming millionaires on national television. Add tens of thousands of rowdy fans on hand to cheer what’s essentially a glorified cattle auction. Throw in representatives from 32 teams sitting anxiously in front of the draft stage, constantly working the phones, and then rushing to the front of the room to hand off their pick to representatives from the NFL before the gigantic clock at the top of the room reads 0:00. And finally, picture a neverending avalanche of analysis from commentators on two gigantic television sets, ten feet away from each other, both talking about the same four or five storylines for three days straight.

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