Big Ten Expansion a Vision Test for Uconn

Big Ten Expansion a Vision Test for Uconn

If Rutgers, why not UConn? Seriously. If Syracuse, why not UConn?

And if the Big Ten may not stop at 12 and explores expansion to the Big 14 or even Big 16, why shouldn't UConn join three other Big East schools and explore admission into the Atlantic Coast Conference? Or why not press for the inevitable split with the basketball-only Big East schools and lead the charge for a newly formed league?

In short, UConn should be aggressive. Everything should be on the table. Don't be the potential victim again. Get in early. Be proactive. Force the examination of every possible solution. In another world, a world of high virtue and principle, this may be called disloyalty to the existing Big East. But this is the world of major college athletics, a world of big, bad bid'ness, and if those virtuous folks at Boston College and Miami taught us anything, a bold, brassy vision is a means to preservation.

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