Harbaugh is Hottest Coach in Football

Harbaugh is Hottest Coach in Football

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh warned Monday against the "ills of hubris"

Which was pretty amusing, considering he spent his weekend as the poster child forhubris(noun, Greek origin, definition:excessive self confidence, arrogance).

Harbaugh's Stanford team has transformed from the wimpy Clark Kent of a few years ago to Superman -- beating Oregon one week and vivisecting USC the next. Harbaugh exhibitedexcessive self confidenceon Saturday when -- already up by 27 points -- he dialed up a two-point conversion, intent on laying 50 on the Trojans.

That call irritated Pete Carroll, the Zeus of West Coast football. After the 55-21 destruction, the most points surrendered in USC history, Carroll greeted Harbaugh at the midfield handshake with the testy question: "What's your deal?"

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