TV Money Is Drawing Baseball Further Off Base

TV Money Is Drawing Baseball Further Off Base

It is Saturday night and rain has washed out the Yankees-Angels game. That gives us yet another reason to hate television and hate how baseball clicks its heels and salutes its every demand.

No, Fox didn't cause the rain. It's off the hook on that one. But it has caused a postseason format that has done, among other things, the following as Major League Baseball nodded and drooled:

* Given the Angels a schedule that will mean they will play their ninth postseason game in 18 days today, Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

* Given the Yankees a schedule that has the same number of games in 17 days.

* Given the National League champion Phillies a situation, with the last day of the regular season Oct. 4 and the World Series not starting until Wednesday, where they will have played nine games in 24 days.

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