Thank You, Too, Ernie

Thank You, Too, Ernie

Think of it as a celebration.

Ernie Harwell will speak into a microphone tonight at Comerica Park. But it won't be like old times. It never again will be like old times.

He's not returning for an inning to the broadcast booth.

He won't be telling us a man from Portage caught that ball.

He won't be saying a hitter was guilty of excessive window shopping -- as much as we wish he would.

As much as we wish he could.

But when he's about to convey what we all have meant to him, aren't we doing Ernie a disservice to think only in terms of what he's meant to us, however natural it is?

This man has been part of our lives a long time.

His voice came into our living rooms. It mowed the lawn with us. His voice soothed us when we lost the loved ones with whom we used to listen to the games.

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